Christmas Lights of Austin specializes in the highest quality LED lights available.  These lights are energy efficient, very durable, and look great.

Many of our customers aren’t familiar with the lighting terminology, so this page is dedicated to showing you the different types of products we have available.

Types of Bulbs

12″ Spacing
We typically use one of two different types of lights for decorating rooflines and yards.  C9’s and C7’s.  C9’s are the largest, brightest bulbs we use and are therefore much more popular.  We purchase C9 and C7 wire by the 1000′ spool and cut it to exact length to fit your property.  Bulbs are purchased separately, so you have a variety of colors to choose from.  Our C9 and C7 retrofit bulbs fit into standard C9 and C7 sockets, so if you already have C9 lights, ask us about upgrading to LED.  See our page on “Why LED?” for additional details.
C9 Retrofit

 C9 bulbs are large bulbs, most commonly used to outline rooflines and yards.  They measure approximately 3″, base to tip, and are spaced 12″ apart on the strand.  Our LED bulbs are more durable, cool to the touch, and have multiple LED diodes (which we guarantee to be brighter than any pre-made C9 strand available at “big-box” stores.   This is our most popular type of bulb.

C9 vs C7

 C7 bulbs are shape similarly to C9 bulbs, but are smaller.  They measure approximately 2″ from base to tip, and cost slightly less than C9 bulbs.


4″ Spacing
The following lights are commonly used to decorate things like trees, bushes, and pillars.  The lights we typically purchase come with 100 individual lights per strand, and the lights are spaced at 4″.  There is not a huge difference between the brightness of these lights, and selection is a matter of personal preference.led_5mm_wide_angle_thumb

5mm Mini:  These are our most popular light for decorating trees and bushes.  They are smaller than other types of light strands, but have a wide-angle lens and look great from any angle.



M5 lights:  Also known as “mini ice” lights because they look like miniature icicles.




G12 lights:  Also known as “raspberry” lights because of their shape, give a unique look to your holiday decor.




All of our lights are available in a variety of different colors, but our most popular selection is warm white.  Warm White LEDs simulate the classic look of incandecool vs warm whitescent bulbs, but without the heat, fragility, and power concerns.

The photo the right shows the difference between cool white and warm white LEDs.

You may also select among a variety of different colors such as Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, and Orange or combinations of any of these colors.  For our C9 and C7 bulbs, we install each and every bulb individually, so you can do any combination of colors you desire, such as putting red highlight bulbs in peaks and valleys.  Our smaller strands are available in various colors as well (solid colors, 5-color multi, Red/White “Candy Cane” multi, Orange/White “Longhorn Pride”).